Album Of The Week // 16–20 November

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Over decades of innovation, Azymuth have modernised the sound and style of Brazilian jazz with their electronic instruments, angular arrangements and distinct synthesis of jazz, funk, rock and samba. After the passing of founding keyboard player José Roberto Bertrami in 2012, Alex Malheiros (bass) and Ivan “Mamão” Conti (drums) recruited synthesizer samurai Kiko Continentinho to the trio and continued to build on the group’s innovative sound.

In 2016, Ivan Conti, Alex Malheiros and Kiko Continentinho released Fenix on the London-based label Far Out, proving without a doubt that the group had lost no steam after losing Bertrami. Now in their fifth decade of pushing the boundaries of their beloved samba, the group have released a brand-new studio album recorded with famed hip-hop producers Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Out on October 23rd, Azymuth JID 004 demonstrates the group’s ability to elevate their collaborators whilst still showcasing their distinctive sound, continuing to redraw the boundaries of Brazilian jazz, futuristic funk and their beloved samba, all through analogue recording.

Hear tracks from the album all this week on Morning Mari* every day 9:00–9:15 GMT. Stay tuned for an article extrapolating a full interview with the group, coming later this week.

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