Album of the Week // 22–26 February

An insert from the release

“With this new album, we wanted to try something slightly different with the sound. Explore new ways to record our instruments and voices. Thus we decided to put away our amplifiers that we used for rockier moods. And we tried the acoustic option. We were surprised by the wide range of possibilities, much more direct and much more emotional actually. About the texts, we still insist with this open way of writing, a mixture between abstract and concrete which offers several understandings. With this liberty in the structure, we avoid the predominance of the message, to go towards a more sensitive and open meaning.” — Christian Garcia-Gaucher

Meril Wubslin


Christian Garcia-Gaucher, guitar, vocals, synths, percussions, lyrics
Valérie Niederoest, guitar, vocals, lyrics
Jérémie Conne, percussions, drums


Choir: Constance von Braun, Anne Ducret, Anne Hartmann, Valérie Liengme, Laure-Elia Sauthier, Leili Yahr,
Trombone : Jérome Bugnon

Recorded by: Jérémie Conne and Christian Garcia-Gaucher at Renens (Studio Silo) and Bruxelles (Studio Berkendael), summer 2019

Production: Christian Garcia-Gaucher

Mastering: Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic

Painting: Marius Huguenin

Design: Félix Vincent



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