Azymuth — JID 004

Just before the release of their new album JID 004, Charlotte Algar spoke to these titans of samba jazz about the politics of bossa nova, the early years of Azymuth and how collaboration is the only way to procure the sounds of the future.

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“There’s always a musical connection here in Brazil to the outskirts of our cities, hip-hop also started in the outskirts of cities, the ghettoes of the USA. People here in Brazil are very aware of these movements”

“After 47 years you already have your own formula, you create using all your references. I think this is just a quality that we have, its something from our core.”

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“To think that bossa nova is one thing and the samba is another is wrong. No. It all evolves, it’s a mass.”

“Every year you have one new kind of rhythm, everybody puts a name to it, but this is only a caricature. Our root is true samba, the samba that comes from the favelas.”

Written by Charlotte Algar
Interview conducted in Portuguese by Charlotte Algar
Translated to English by Pedro Montenegro
Pre-interview samba-jazz lesson by Adam Osmianski

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