Liraz: ZAN/NAZ

Charlotte Algar speaks to singer, composer, actor and Worldwide FM DJ Liraz about the notions of identity and womanhood entrenched in her music.

“I felt that when I was home, I was very Iranian. And when I was outside, I was very Israeli. And it felt like switching identities, I built double characters.”

Liraz by Ronen Fadida

“I’m carrying so many dramatic and heavy stories in my heart. And for now I can say this is the first time that I have felt free. If I can make other women free with my music, with the story that we’re sharing, it’s a big closure for me.”

Liraz by Ronen Fadida

“When I found beautiful music shops in LA, I collected. I went back and forth for three years, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv with overweight suitcases loaded with CDs from the 70s.”

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