The Importance of Small Cities within the UK Music Scene

DJ Rebecca Vasmant of WW Glasgow explores the struggles of smaller cities in a London-centric UK scene. This ethos of inclusivity and platforming non-London voices has been at the crux of Vasmant’s WW Glasgow programming for the past three years.

Milhouse Collective and Astrosnax with Rebecca Vasmant
Zazim Soundsystem and Paix with Rebecca Vasmant

“There seems to be an endless queue of journalists and brands all hungry to be involved in parties here when it comes to techno and electronic music, but with jazz, it feels at times like we are fighting to be seen and heard.”

Amara, live session for Worldwide FM
Danielle Price of Blue Boar, live session for Worldwide FM

“The show has been so well received by audiences outside of London, which makes me very hopeful. However, a lot of the festivals, press, and cultural programmers seem to overlook Glasgow and its jazz scene.”

Paix, live session for Worldwide FM

“Jazz is a way of life, and collaboration is a huge part of that.”

“Let’s keep working toward making things better for those smaller cities that perhaps don’t have as strong a voice as they should.”

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