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4 min readMar 16, 2021

We’ve updated our regular Worldwide FM playlist with upfront and reissued music from around the world. Listen throughout the month on air, or to enjoy on the move, subscribe or follow the playlist on Spotify and Soundcloud.

96 Back — 9696 Dream [Local Action]
Adrian Younge — George Stinney Jr. [Jazz Is Dead]
Ages Ago — Lockdown Blues [Wavy Inc]
Altın Gün — Kesik Çayır [Glitterbeat Records]
Amandra — Sarape [AD 93]
Asha Puthli — The Devil Is Loose [CBS]
Ballaké Sissoko — Djourou [Nø Førmat!]
Beringei — Without You ft. William Florelle [Wot Not Records]
Bleaching Agent — Amar [Hot Concept]
Blue Soul — Sinking Siren [Aphorism Recordings]
Calibre — Time To Breathe with Cimone [Signature Recordings]
Caravela — Pexi Secu [None More Records]
Clan Caimán — Avalancha (Avalanche) [EM Records]
COLECTIVA, Maria Graspa — Under The [Unreleased]
Damon Locks — Now (Forever Momentary Space) [International Anthem]
Damos Room — Bricolage [Damos Room]
Dima Pantyushin & Sasha Lipsky — House (with an attic) [Beats In Space]
Dr. Lonnie Smith — Sunshine Superman ft. Iggy Pop (Radio Edit) [Blue Note Records]
Dundundun — Anansi [Worm Discs]
Eden777 — Open (Prequel remix) [Pharmaceutical Audio]
Pino Palladino, Blake Mills — Ekuté [New Deal Records]
emil — Ask You (feat. Ayeisha Raquel) [Watch Out Records]
Erika De Casier — Drama [4AD]
ermhoi — E (Daigo Sakuragi Remix) [BINDIVIDUAL]
Facta — Diving Birds (with Parris) [Wisdom Teeth]
Fimber Bravo — Hiyah Man (original) [Moshi Moshi Records]
Finis Africae — Hybla [Grabaciones Accidentales]
FKD, Shun Ishiwaka, Aaron Choulai — Tan Tan [Namboku Records]
Florence Adooni — Mam Pe’ela Su’ure [Philophon]
Focalistic, Davido, Vigro Deep — Ke Star (Remix) [18 Area Holdings]
Fyfe Dangerfield — Woah! Life [Channels May Change]
FYI Chris — On Tik ft. Pinty, Simeon Jones [Black Acre Records]
Gabrielle Roth — Labyrinth [Time Capsule]
George Sauma Jr. — Tudo Terminou [Favorite Recordings]
Apifera — Gnome Poems [Stones Throw]
Goals — Affirmations [Self Released]
Guedra Guedra — Stampede Step [On The Corner Records]
Hania Rani — Nest (Portico Quartet remix) [Gondwana Records]
Hector Plimmer — Step (Daz I Kue Remix) [Albert’s Favourites]
Helado Negro — Sound and Vision [BBE Music]
Hoshina Anniversary — Karakuri [ESP Institute]
Howl Quartet — Back to Basics [Boathorse Records]
Jason Hogans — A Daydreamer and a Clown [Sound Signature]
Jay Phelps — I’ve Got A Crush On You (ft. Mhari Aurora, prod. Cengiz)
Jaydonclover — CALLME ft. Danny Sanchez [NOSPACES]
Jorge Lopez Ruiz — Mab Amor [CBS]
Joseph Costi — In Memory of Belonging [Self Released]
Khalab, M’berra Ensemble — We Are M’berra [Real World Records]
Khruangbin — Dearest Alfred (Knxwledge Remix) [Dead Oceans]
Kid Fonque x Jonny Miller — Keep It Jozi [Stay True Sounds]
King Kush — Where You Did Dah (Club Mix) [Smurphy Prod.]
Kratos Himself — Vector [Friends of Friends Music]
Leon Vynehall — Mothra [Ninja Tune]
Lisa Marini — Kite (Mark Cake Remix) [Big Cake Records]
lojii — keep_it_real [lojii]
Luiz Gabriel Lopes — Venus [DaLataMusic]
Mark Cake — vvv rework [Big Cake Records]
Master Soul Boy — Leave [Lucid Monday]
Matthew E. White & Lonnie Holley — This Here Jungle of Moderness/Composition 14 [Spacebomb]
Menagerie — Hope [Freestyle Records]
Mica Levi — Liquorice feat. Relax Kevin [Mica Levi]
Mishio Ogawa — Hikari No Ito Kin No Ito [Light in the Attic Records]
Mister Ott — Kleeer [Urban Trout Records]
MoMA Ready — New York Nights [MoMA Ready]
Mr. Mitch — Did We Say Goodbye [Gobstopper Records]
Natalie Bergman — Shine Your Light On Me [Third Man Records]
Natalie Slade — I Wont Cry (Broke One Remix) [Eglo Records]
Nothing Neue — Changes [in plain sight records]
Puma Blue — Sheets [Blue Flowers Music]
QOQEQA — Momposina [Kebrada]
R+R=Now — Been on My Mind (Live) [Blue Note Records]
Robert Cotter — Missing You [Wewantsounds]
S. Fidelity — Me at the Zoo (feat. Àbáse) [Jakarta Records]
Sam Gendel — Wwaasshh ft. Carlos Niño [LEAVING RECORDS]
Satomimagae — Numa [PLANCHA]
Scrimshire — Tanto Tiempo ft. Penya [Albert’s Favourites]
Seven Davis Jr. — Thanks (Original Demo Instrumental c.1999) [Secret Angels]
SHADEEMUS — Lost Souls [Shadeemus]
Shay’an Fa Shay’anMndsgn — Hope You’re Doin’ Better [Stones Throw]
Shoko Yoshida — Up and Down [Hot Buttered Record]
Sinyur — Pour Some Out [Sinyur]
Skiifall — Ting Tun Up (Explicit) [FYL]
Sky Mata — こんなかっこで [Sky Mata]
SOIL&“PIMP”SESSIONS — Kitty Bey [Victor]
Space Ghetto — Thievous [Unreleased]
Stereolab — Calimero [Duophonic Super 45s]
Stubborn Heart — Talking Gold [One Little Independent Records]
Suricata — Igwee [Drecords]
Teena Marie — I Need Your Lovin’ (John Morales M+M Mix) [BBE]
Teeth Agency — Many People (Remake) [Stones Throw]
Tender (Tenderlonious) — 808 State [Dennis Ayler Music]
Teno Afrika — Storytellers [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Thandi Ntuli — Dikeledi [Brownswood Recordings]
Tiziano Popoli — Blues Padani [RVNG Intl.]
Tom Manzarek — Ruffboi [Tom Manzarek]
Toumani Diabaté, London Symphony Orchestra — Haïnamady Town [World Circuit Records]
Tristan Arp — Oddkin [Human Pitch]
Tuzeint — Time Will Meet Everything [Bludot Recordings]
tyson — Red Handed [The Orchard]
Vetle Nærø — Hypnagogia [7K!]
Wardo — Mayo [Wardo]
WheelUP — Stay For Long ft. Brint Story [Tru Thoughts]
Wildflower — Flute Song (Dazzle Drums Edit) [Unreleased]
William Stuckey — Country people [Symplex Records]
Yoshiharu Takeda — Aspiration [Silent River Runs Deep]
Young Old Soul — Loops and Lullabies [Young Old Soul Productions]
Yu Su — Xiu [bié Records]
YUNGMORPHEUS — FistfulofGreens [Bad Taste]
ZULI — Ana Galby pt. 1 (صفصافة)[Hundebiss Records]
شَيئاً فشَيئاً — Muqata’a [مُقاطَعة]



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